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Mr Daryl Jarrett

Governing Council Chair and Treasurer

Chairperson's Report

As Chair and on behalf of the Governing Council I am pleased to report that 2016 has again seen Thebarton Senior College achieve remarkable results across all areas. Notwithstanding a number of significant challenges, including staff changes, building programs, and Government policy impacts, this outcome has been outstanding.

With 2016 my 12th year as Council Chair I have seen extraordinary changes in terms of College facilities, curriculum scope, the student cohort and diversity, and staffing, and supported by a group of passionate and committed staff, Eva Kannis-Torry has presided over and continued to drive positive changes in 2016, that sees the college continue as a model for achieving excellence in public education. Continued innovation, financial stability and facilities improvements has provided an environment that has seen further growth and commendable academic results.

The college's 2016 success in student achievements is outstanding, and the quality of teaching and environment created is highly regarded by the department and leaders at all levels of government, education and the business community within and beyond Australia, with a unique culture of respect and excellence that enhances the lives of its students and staff. Many of the college's students are now and will be future respected leaders and high achievers in all walks of life, and carry and uphold the college's legacy of excellence, respect, compassion and humanity. The college has also been a strong supporter of community building days, Harmony Day, World Environment Day, the Languages Festival, White Ribbon Day, and International Day of Peace and enhancing the college community's awareness and wider understanding of Thebarton's values and ongoing commitment to a global community of peace, respect and understanding. Our students are also assisted by a passionate committed group of 30 volunteers.

The college's committed stakeholders are cognizant of retaining what Thebarton represents and delivers to education and people's lives that is truly unique, remarkable, valued and acknowledged within and beyond Australia.

As to Principal Eva Kannis-Torry and her teaching and support staff, many continue to enhance their qualifications and experience in Thebarton's inspiring environment, and gain promotions within the college and at other sites; they are highly sought after for what they bring to the education of others, with a passion, commitment and innovation that sees them regarded as leaders in their profession. The college is well positioned to reap the benefits of 2016 and see Thebarton's students go on to succeed in further tertiary studies, trade traineeships, and other employment opportunities.

I take this opportunity to thank the members of the Governing Council for their support and valued contribution, and congratulate Eva and her staff for their outstanding work in 2016.

Daryl Jarrett