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Head-start to SACE - Integrated Year 10 Program

SACE Stage 1 - Minimum 50 Stage 1 Credits

Head-start to SACE is a Semester 2 program designed for Year 10 students that focuses on the development of skills in critical and creative thinking, problem-solving and collaboration to explore real-world issues.

Teaching and learning will be via a range of learning experiences including explicit teaching and independent learning, and will be linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The curriculum comprises of four SACE Stage 1 subjects plus a free choice SACE subject from a range of options.

Recharging our Future (SACE Stage 1 Scientific Studies)
The growth in world population has put enormous pressure on our ever-depleting resources, and has caused strain on the environment and our energy needs. Among topics studied, students will explore action that can be taken to ensure a sustainable future that is working in harmony with the environment.

Uniting Humanity (SACE Stage 1 Society and Culture)
Among the topics studied, students will explore the need for the global community to focus on peace-seeking pursuits by working collectively and collaboratively to explore and develop peaceful solutions into the future.

Subscribe to the Media Revolution (SACE Stage 1 Essential English)
The way we communicate and share information has changed drastically, supported by an ever-changing array of applications and devices. Innovative use of the internet has allowed individuals and organisations to influence huge audiences and from this, new issues have arisen. Among topics studied students, will investigate how media has changed and how it can be used to influence society into the future.

Strategic Thinking (SACE Stage 1 Essential Mathematics)
Being numerate is essential for participating in contemporary society. Students need to think strategically, reason, calculate, and communicate to solve problems. Through their study of mathematics, students will understand and use skills, concepts, and technologies in a range of contexts.

Planning for My Future
Planning for the future will be incorporated into the subjects studied within the course either through the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) (for students who have yet to complete their PLP) or a research-based topic or action.

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