Report a Student Absence

Report the absence of your SON/DAUGHTER or report your OWN absence if you are independent. (note: parent/guardians may be contacted for confirmation)
Please use one option on this page
(providing the details indicated below)

  • Student ID
  • *Given Name and Family Name
  • *Date of Absence/s
  • Which lesson/s (if not absent for all lessons)
  • *Reason
  • Parent/Guardian Name (if required)

Fill in the form on the College app "SchoolStream"
Send an SMS to 0427 684 884
send an email to
Phone the College (Student Services) on 08 8159 3162
Complete the form below and click 'Submit'

Student ID: *Given Name: *Family Name: *Date/s of Absence: Which lesson/s (if not absent for all lessons): *Reason for Absence: Parent/Guardian Name (if required): * required information