Aboriginal Studies A and B

SACE Stage 1

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Aboriginal Studies A and B

Humanities and Social Sciences

SACE Stage 1

10 or 20 credits

This course explores Aboriginal histories, achievements and perspectives on land, culture and identity. It will examine Aboriginal arts and literature and develop students' understanding of, and ways to counter, racism. This course will focus on developing intercultural communication and understanding in students.

Course Content
Students explore at least two of the topics below:

Topic 1: Coexistence and Reconciliation
Topic 2: Aboriginal Cultures
Topic 3: Aboriginal Lands
Topic 4: Aboriginal Languages
Topic 5: Aboriginal Sites
Topic 6: Cultural Tourism
Topic 7: Aboriginal People and the Law
Topic 8: Aboriginal Arts and Literature
Topic 9: Aboriginal Film
Topic 10: Aboriginal People in the Media


Students provide evidence of their learning through four or five assessments.

At least one assessment will be oral or multimodal, and at least one will be written.

Response 40%
Text Production 40%
Reflection 20%