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SACE Stage 1

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Catering Concepts

Community Studies

SACE Stage 1

10 credits

Students develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to plan, prepare and control menu based catering. Students work as part of a team to provide catering services to a range of clientele within the college community. Students communicate with mentors from the hospitality industry to strengthen their ideas and practical choices. Through the catering process students develop their capabilities for literacy, numeracy, critical and creative thinking.

Course Content
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The following concepts are covered in this course:

  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Catering control
  • Menu design
  • Culinary balance
  • Special dietary requirements
An individual or group work contract is recorded and the catering activity completed. Feedback is then sought from the client/ guests and recorded by the students.

On completion of the catering activity students are encouraged to reflect on the performance of the group and their learning outcomes.


Contract of work 75%
Reflection 25%


This course is designed as a pathway into Stage 1 Food and Hospitality in semester 2.