Digital Technologies A and B

SACE Stage 1

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Digital Technologies A and B

Digital Technologies

SACE Stage 1

10 or 20 credits

Students explore the application of Digital Technologies and apply their creativity and critical thinking skills to the development of ideas and solutions to problems.

They learn to develop applications, use innovative technologies and to collect and analyse data from a range of sources.

Students are encouraged to take ownership of problems and design, code, validate, and evaluate their solutions and in doing so, develop and extend their understanding of designing and programming.
Students will work individually and collaboratively in this course.

Course Content

Digital Technologies A

Focus Area 1: Programming - Development of Applications through the use of programming languages such as Python and Swift.

Focus Area 2: Exploring Innovations -
Exploration of Innovative Technologies including wearable technology and develop Applications through programs like Python.

Digital Technologies B

Focus Area 1: Programming - Programming languages such as Java and Swift are used in the design, building and testing of Mobile Applications to solve problems.

Focus Area 2: Data Analysis - Development of Applications with a focus on the collection, storage, analysis and visualization of data using PHP or SQL.


Project Skills 60%
Digital Solutions 40%