English as an Additional Language A and B

SACE Stage 1

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English as an Additional Language A and B

English as an Additional Language

SACE Stage 1

10 or 20 credits

This subject is for students for whom English is an additional language. It further develops their ability to use the English language, and focuses on improving their academic literacy skills. In this subject, students learn how to communicate, understand, analyse and create both spoken and written texts. This subject leads to further study in Stage 2 English as an Additional Language (EAL) or Stage 2 Essential EAL.

Course Content
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This subject focuses on the following skills and strategies:

  • Students exchange information, opinions, and experiences through writing and speaking in a range of situations and contexts.
  • Students comprehend and interpret information, ideas, and opinions presented in texts.
  • Students analyse personal, social, and cultural perspectives in texts. They understand and analyse how language is used to communicate for different purposes.
  • Students create oral, written, and multimodal texts, using a range of language skills appropriate to purpose, audience, and context.


Students complete four assessment tasks:

Responding to Texts 50%
Interactive Study 25%
Language Study 25%


This subject is appropriate for students who wish to follow an academic pathway.