Society and Culture A and B

SACE Stage 1

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Society and Culture A and B

Society and Culture

SACE Stage 1

10 or 20 credits

In Society and Culture, students explore and analyse the interactions of people, societies, cultures, and environments. Students learn about the ways in which societies constantly change and are affected by social, political, historical, environmental, economic, and cultural factors. Students develop the ability to influence their own future by acquiring skills, values, and understanding that enables them to participate effectively in contemporary society.

Course Content
Further Info
Society and Culture focuses on a wide range of social and cultural issues, including, but not limited to, topics on:

  • Indigenous perspectives
  • Racism and prejudice
  • Human rights and social justice topics
  • Environmental issues and sustainability
  • Gender equality
  • Individual choice investigations


Source Analysis 30%
Group Activity 30%
Interaction 40%


This course will help prepare students for future study in the areas of Ancient Studies, Society and Culture or History.