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SACE Stage 2

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Catering Concepts

Interdisciplinary Learning and the Community

SACE Stage 2

20 credits

This course focuses on the development of the knowledge and practical skills required to plan, prepare and present menu based catering. Students also gain an understanding of contemporary issues and trends within the food and hospitality industry.

Course Content
Further Info
Students undertake a range of practical activities designed to emphasise the theoretical components of this course. Topics covered include; food allergies and dietary restrictions, the effect of globalisation on food choices, creative food presentation, safe food handling and technological advances in hospitality. There is also a strong emphasis on employability skills such as attendance, punctuality and collaboration.


School-based Assessment

Folio 70%
External Assessment

Community Application Activity 30%


Stage 2 Catering Concepts contributes to SACE completion but does not attract points towards an ATAR.