Child Studies

SACE Stage 2

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Child Studies

Health and Physical Education

SACE Stage 2

10 or 20 credits

This subject focuses on children's growth and development from conception to eight years. Students critically examine attitudes and values about parenting and caregiving and gain an understanding of the growth and development of children. Childhood is a unique, intense period of growth and development. The ways in which children's lives are affected by relationships with others; intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth; cultural, familial and socioeconomic circumstances and educational opportunities are explored.

Course Content
There are five areas of study:

  • Contemporary and Future Issues
  • Economic and Environmental Influences
  • Political and Legal Influences
  • Sociocultural Influences
  • Technological Influences


School-based Assessment

Practical 50%
Group Work 20%

School-based Assessment
External Assessment 30%