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SACE Stage 2

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Chinese for Background Speakers

Chinese (background speakers)

SACE Stage 2

10 20 credits

In this subject, students are expected to develop and apply linguistic and intercultural knowledge, understanding, and skills to:
  1. interact with others to exchange and explain information, opinions, and ideas in Mandarin
  2. create texts in Mandarin to express ideas, opinions, and perspectives on contemporary issues
  3. analyse, evaluate, and respond to texts that are in (Language)
  4. examine relationships between language, culture, and identity, and reflect on the ways in which culture influences communication.
Stage 2 Chinese at background speakers level is organised around four prescribed themes and a number of prescribed contemporary issues. These themes have been selected to enable students to extend their understanding of the interdependence of language, culture, and identity.

Course Content
Further Info
Prescribed Themes and Prescribed Contemporary Issues
  • China and the World
  • Modernisation and Social Change
  • The Overseas Chinese-speaking Communities
  • Language in Use in Contemporary China.
Texts and Text Types
Students should be familiar with a range of text types, including letter, discussion, persuasive texts, tutorial, speech, report, evaluation and reflection.


School-based Assessment

Folio 50%
In-depth Study 20%

External Assessment
Examination 30%


This subject is designed for students with a cultural and linguistic background in Chinese.