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SACE Stage 2

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Earth and Environmental Science


SACE Stage 2

20 credits

This course has been developed as part of the GeoFutures program in consultation with Beach Energy. The course includes excursions and field trips and can lead to further study of geology, environmental science and eco/ geo-tourism at university level.

Course Content
Further Info
Stage 2 Earth and Environmental Science is organised into four topics. It is intended that students participate in field trips and use technology to develop their observational, recording, and analytical skills, as well as develop and extend their skills in communicating scientific information by analysing and presenting evidence, and drawing and justifying conclusions. This course aims to encourage recognition of how scientific knowledge from global collaboration can be used to consider the future health and well-being of the global population.
  • Topic 1: Earth Systems
  • Topic 2: Earth's Resources
  • Topic 3: Earth's Sustainable Future
  • Topic 4: Climate Change


School Assessment

Investigation Folio 30%
Skills and Applications tasks 40%

External Assessment
Earth Systems Study


Stage 2 Earth and Environmental Science will include a compulsory camp, field trips and excursions involving walking and physical activity