Eco and Sustainable Tourism

SACE Stage 2

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Eco and Sustainable Tourism

(Integrated Learning) Cross-disciplinary

SACE Stage 2

20 credits

Students will explore how outdoor activities and tourism may impact our environment, society and the economy. They will look at ways that tourism and outdoor activities should be culturally appropriate, economically viable, ecologically sensitive and supportive of conservation efforts. They will explore how tourism has (and can be) a catalyst for a sustainable rural economy and support culture and heritage.

This subject will enable students to develop knowledge in this employment growth area and explore how they may turn their passion for tourism and the outdoors into a career. Students have the opportunity to design and plan sustainable activities and tourist destinations for our community

Course Content
Further Info
This course is flexible, allowing students to personalise their learning and build knowledge and skills for their future aspirations. They will explore how they may turn their passion in tourism and the outdoors into a career.
  • Ecotourism
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Culture and Heritage
  • Ethics
  • Electives


School Assessment

Practical Enquiry40%
Connections 30%

External Assessment
Personal Endeavour30%


This course is designed for students interested in tourism and the outdoors, acting as a pathway into tertiary or vocational pathways.

Students may choose to study Eco and Sustainable Tourism in conjunction with Outdoor Education and/or Earth and Environmental Science to support their learning and interest areas.