Essential English as an Additional Language

SACE Stage 2

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Essential English as an Additional Language

Essential English

SACE Stage 2

20 credits

This course is designed for students for whom English is their second or additional language or dialect, and whose English language is restricted and who are better suited to a more supported Stage 2 EAL course. There is no examination for this subject.

Students develop their understanding, confidence and proficiency in the use of the English language, developing skills as critical readers, researchers, viewers, listeners, speakers and writers of English. It is suitable for students who wish to prepare for tertiary study or move into the workforce.

Course Content
Further Info
Students will develop and apply skills in communication, comprehension and analysis by responding to and creating a range of texts. They will view, read, discuss, reflect on, create and analyse a variety of texts including newspaper articles, films, YouTube clips, songs and short stories. They will study how language is used by people in context outside of the classroom.


School-based Assessment

Responding to Texts  30%
Text Creation  40%

External Assessment
Language Study 30%


There are no eligibility requirements for this subject.  Students who wish to study this subject should have demonstrated good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills at Stage 1 level and have good independent study skills.