Food and Hospitality

SACE Stage 2

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Food and Hospitality

Health and Physical Education

SACE Stage 2

20 credits

This course focuses on the dynamic nature of the food and hospitality industry, where students develop an understanding of contemporary approaches and issues related to food and hospitality. Students develop skills in using technology and safe work practices in the preparation, storage and handling of food and complying with current health and safety legislation. They investigate and discuss contemporary food and hospitality issues, current management practices and explore concepts such as the legal and environmental aspects of food production, trends in food and hospitality, consumer protection and the nutritional impact of healthy eating.

Course Content
Students study topics within the following five areas of study:

  • Contemporary and Future Issues
  • Economic and Environmental Influences
  • Political and Legal Influences
  • Socio-cultural Influences
  • Technological Influences


School Assessment

Practical 50%
Group work 20%

External Assessment
Investigative Study 30%