Mathematical Methods

SACE Stage 2

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Mathematical Methods

Mathematical Methods

SACE Stage 2

20 credits

This course explores topics from calculus and statistics. It involves working with functions and graphs and requires use of graphics calculators.

Course Content
The Logarithmic Function
Logarithms for solving exponential equations and logarithmic functions and their graphs.

Further Differentiation and Applications
  • Differentiation of polynomials
  • Exponential logarithmic and trigonometric functions
  • Modelling and applications of functions and derivatives.
Integral Calculus
The area under curves, fundamental theorem of calculus and their applications.

Discrete Random Variables
Discrete random variables and the Bernoulli and Binomial distributions.

Continuous Random Variables and the Normal Distribution

Sampling and Confidence Intervals
Confidence intervals for population mean and proportion.


School Assessment

Skills and Applications tasks 50%
Folio Tasks 20%

External Assessment
Examination 30%