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SACE Stage 2

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Outdoor Education

Health and Physical Education

SACE Stage 2

20 credits

Students explore the human connection with natural environments through outdoor journeys such as bushwalking, canoeing and rock-climbing. Students plan and implement human-powered journeys with an emphasis on risk and safety management, investigation and analysis of environmental issues, and development of sustainable practices and an understanding of Indigenous perspectives. Through reflecting on personal, group, social and environmental outcomes, students focus on the development of initiative, self-reliance, leadership, teamwork and personal and group responsibility.

Course Content
Further Info
Topics covered include:
  • Environmental Studies
  • Planning and Management Practices
  • Outdoor Journeys
  • Sustainable Environmental Practices
  • Leadership and Planning
  • Self-reliant Expedition


School Assessment

Investigations Folio 20%
Group Practical 30%
Self-reliant Practical 20%

External Assessment
Investigation 30%


Stage 2 Outdoor Education requires three camps: a three-day journey, a three-day lightweight journey, and a three-day self-reliant expedition.