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Research Project

Research Project B

SACE Stage 2

10 credits

Students choose and research a topic based on an area of interest or passion. They develop a research question and learn about their topic through a range of primary and secondary research processes. Students also show evidence of development of skills and capabilities in a folio that demonstrates their planning and research development.

This leads to showcasing their newfound knowledge and understanding in the format of their choice. Here, students have an opportunity to be creative and present their work in a way that displays their strengths and that is well suited to their topic and target audience. Students then reflect on and evaluate the effectiveness of their decisions and processes used, as well as the quality of their products.

Course Content
Further Info


School Assessment

Folio 30%
Research Outcome 40%

External Assessment
Evaluation 30%


The Research Project is a compulsory subject of the SACE.

Students must complete the 10-credit Stage 2 Research Project with a C grade or better.