Society and Culture

SACE Stage 2

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Society and Culture

Humanities and Social Sciences

SACE Stage 2

20 credits

Students study the interactions of people, societies, cultures and environments. They learn about the ways in which societies constantly change and are affected by social, political, historical, environmental, economic and cultural factors. Through course activities students develop social inquiry skills and are expected to participate in group activities and primary research to develop these skills.

Course Content
At least one topic from each of the following three will be studied. Activities and content within each of these topics are flexible and will be negotiated with the class to ensure relevance and interest and interest.

  • Cultural diversity
  • Youth Culture
Contemporary Challenges
  • Social Ethics
  • People and the Environment
Global Issues
  • A Question of Rights
  • People and Power


School Assessment

Folio 60%
Interaction 20%

External Assessment
Investigation 30%