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The Thebarton Senior College Special Interest Academy enables students to complete SACE and/or VET qualifications at the same time as pursuing their own passions, interests and commitments, be they entrepreneurial, dancing, sporting, music or performing arts.

Students will be supported to complete the SACE compulsory subjects and, depending on their other training and/or courses, select from a broad range of curriculum offerings. Extra SACE credits will be accredited through recognition of Community Learning demonstrated through their special interest involvement and VET qualifications.

Curriculum delivery will be flexible and include online components.

  • SACE Stage 1 students will study the compulsory requirements (Literacy, Numeracy and Personal Learning Plan) and other subjects related to their area of special interest.
  • SACE Stage 2 students will study Research Project and Workplace Practices or Cross-disciplinary Studies, plus other subjects related to their area of special interest.
The number of subjects students will undertake will depend upon their special interest commitments, VET credits, recognition of Community Learning and future aspirations.

To download the Special Interest Academy brochure please Click Here.


Current partners of our Special Interest Academy Program include:

The Australian Company of Performing Arts (ACPA) - www.acpa.com.au

Turning Point Dance - www.tpdance.com.au

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