Intercontinental Hotel Visit
SACE Catering Concepts
Intercontinental Hotel Visit
On Wednesday the 7th of March, our SACE Catering Concepts class and our teacher Miss Alex went on an industry visit to the Intercontinental Hotel. It was an opportunity for us to explore the hotel, and find out more about the career opportunities within the hospitality industry.

The class was very interested to learn about how such a big hotel works, as it was the first time many of us had visited a hotel. For that reason, the students had many questions for the staff! Interestingly, we learnt about a range of careers in a hotel, eg housekeepers to keep all areas and rooms clean. Engineering was another area we discovered, and also that the hotel has a full time Plumber and Electrician.

We also heard other useful information like the different responsibilities in the administration services area. Finally, we got to see and experience how the three kitchens work to deliver a food and beverage service to customers.

Overall, we really enjoyed our visit to the Intercontinental and would like to thank the Intercontinental Hotel staff, the Beacon Foundation and Miss Alex for this opportunity.

Written by Vanny (student)
  • AuthorAlex Fry
  • Date19-Mar-18
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