New Arrivals Program Picnic
Term 1
New Arrivals Program Picnic
Students from our New Arrivals Program (NAP) enjoyed a picnic in Bonython Park on Friday 13 April. The picnic, which happens twice a year, is a great opportunity for NAP students to relax at the end of the term and celebrate with fellow students and staff.

By 10.00 am, the park was busy with games being set up and picnic spots being prepared. Later in the morning, the park was full of activity, as students enjoyed soccer, frisbee, Australian football, cricket and volleyball, as well as music and dancing.

Before lunch began, our NAP Assistant Principal Phil Davies spoke to the students and congratulated them on their work and their excellent attendance in first term. Phil noted that many students have recorded over 90% attendance, which reflects positively on their sense of engagement with the program. Afterwards, students got together in their class groups to share a picnic lunch. It is apparent that some of the students at TSC (or possibly their mothers) are very talented cooks, and there was a delicious range of food on offer.

Despite forecasts of showers, the weather was pleasantly sunny during lunch and throughout the early afternoon. The NAP picnic is a wonderful occasion, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the students and the organisation of staff. All who attended are looking forward to meeting again for our next NAP picnic at the end of term 3.
  • AuthorPaul Champion
  • Date13-Apr-18
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