Outdoor Ed Bushwalking Journey
SACE Stage 1 Outdoor Education
Outdoor Ed Bushwalking Journey
On Wednesday the 9th of May, the SACE Stage 1 Outdoor Education class set off on their three-day bushwalking journey to the beautiful ocean views of Deep Creek Conservation Park. With a strong focus on risk and safety management, the group were well prepared for some of the wet, windy and challenging conditions to come.

Starting their journey near Blowhole Beach, students carried everything they would need for the three days in their backpacks such as tents, sleeping bags, clothes, cooking equipment, food, water, and other essential items.

Students were assessed on their planning and preparation, risk and safety management, technical skills such as setting up tents, documentation and use of journal entries, sustainable practice, and their communication, collaboration and leadership skills.

Following the maxim "take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints", the group demonstrated exceptional practice in not only minimising their environmental impact but also having a positive influence on the environment and Ngarrindjeri land by collecting any rubbish they came across and carrying it out of the park.

Covering more than 30 km of undulating and steep terrain on the Heysen Trail, the group showed an outstanding ability to support one another and remain positive and resilient when they were challenged. Singing and encouragement echoed throughout the group over the three days and one final steep hike out of Tunkalilla Beach on the last day exemplified the strength and perseverance of all group members.
  • AuthorMax McColl
  • Date14-Jun-18
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