Social Actions - Stage 1 Health
Body Image
Social Actions - Stage 1 Health
Body image is the perception a person has about their physical appearance and the way they feel about themselves. These feelings can be both positive and negative. According to The Butterfly Foundation (2019), over 75% of boys and girls have poor body image. This is a serious concern because it may lead to many young people engaging in dangerous dieting behaviours, having poor mental or experiencing an eating disorder like anorexia or bulimia nervosa.

As part of our SACE Stage 1 Health group task, we were required to come up with a social action or health promoting activity. We decided to concentrate on 'Body Image' and organised three guest speakers (Cathryn, Maisey and Rachel) from The Abraham Institute.

In the presentation, we discussed how girls often crave the 'perfect' body and many other physical qualities (good hair, clear skin, appear fit etc) but often don't recognise other personal qualities like loyalty, humour or kindness.

Young women from three New Arrivals Program classes and SACE Stage 1 Health were part of the presentation. We received many positive comments from the students who participated in the workshop. Some of these included:

"Look at your inner strength - don't just value physical appearance."
"Give value to yourself and love yourself as you are."
"Don't change yourself for others and love yourself as you are."

It was a really rewarding experience, because we could see the impact our workshop had on many young women across the college.
  • AuthorNaik and Bianca (Stage 1 Health students)
  • Date14-Jun-19
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