Congratulations to staff member Nick Antoniades
Awarded for services to Rotaract and Rotary
Congratulations to staff member Nick Antoniades
On the 7th of May, teacher Nick Antoniades was named a Paul Harris Fellow by the Rotary Club of Kidman Park for his services to Rotaract and Rotary. Nick has been a teacher/manager of the Thebarton Senior College Rotaract Club for Global Peace - Australia, for 10 years. He was presented with a special badge and certificate by the President of Kidman Park Rotary Club, Jenny Harris.

Nick has a lot of energy and passion for helping students to become their best. He helps plan and run meetings and volunteer activities, and organises for students to attend conferences and Rotary club meetings all around Adelaide. He is always on the lookout for ways to help our students.

Reflecting on the award and his time with Rotaract, Nick said: "My role as a manager of the club has been very rewarding and a pleasure to be involved with many positive and inspirational people. I have been fortunate to have an opportunity to help the Thebarton Senior College Rotaract members, Rotary clubs and community agencies. The philosophy of Rotary, 'service to others' is relevant to all people. By helping others, we ultimately help ourselves."

Nick acknowledged Felicity Greenrod, Cathy Cameron, Dr Geoff White, Reanne Cuthbert, Jenny and Ron Harris, Reg Hutchinson, Bernie Boxer, Malcolm Elliott, Anthony Mason, Christine Adams and all the Rotarians that have worked with our students. Lastly, he thanked the outstanding students and members of the TSC Rotaract club, members who have come from challenging environments and display determination, resilience, hope and hard work. They are inspirational!
  • AuthorReanne Cuthbert
  • Date13-Jun-18
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