Choose Your Own 'Edventure'
During the July school holidays we attended the Adelaide Anime and Video Games Convention (AVCon) at the Adelaide Convention Centre, to promote the College and our courses.

The theme we chose this year was "Choose Your Own Edventure", based on the series of books from the 1980s and 90s. Our Screen and Media class designed a giant book cover that people could stand in for a photo opportunity, and we also displayed their art as an example of what prospective students could do in our courses.

We also promoted our twilight and Integrated SACE Programs as options for students looking for something that their current school isn't able to offer.

Students from our Screen and Media and Pop Culture Studies classes helped us set up the booth and supported throughout the two days. Several of them 'cosplayed' in characters from video games and anime, and two of our students were quite successful selling some of their art to 'con goers'.

A good time was had by all and there was quite a bit of interest in our courses. It is always amazing to see the colour and creativity on display at AVCon.
  • AuthorMatt Paxton
  • Date26-Jul-19
  • CategoriesTerm3