Mental Fitness Challenge
SACE Stage 2 Health
Mental Fitness Challenge
In our Stage 2 Health class during term 3, we undertook the Bite Back Mental Fitness Challenge, a 6-week free course run by the Black Dog Institute.

The Black Dog Institute, founded in 2002, is a worldwide-recognised organisation in the identification, prevention, and treatment of mental health issues and the promotion of wellbeing. Their aim is to improve the lives of people affected by mental illness through high-quality research into better clinical treatments and providing helpful resources.

Our class participated in the Challenge to build our mental health. The course focuses on educating people about the importance of mental fitness and to build mental fitness through weekly activities. We participated in a variety of activities to find our meaning and purpose in life and how we can deal with the world around us.

This was a good experience as it improved my mental health and wellbeing, helping me achieve a better quality of life. We also participated in a mental fitness workshop with Rosie, a member of Black Dog Institute. She taught us even more 'tricks' for improving our mental fitness and shared her journey with us.

Since starting the Mental Fitness Challenge and the workshop with Rosie, my mental health has improved, my overall health has improved, and my relationships with my family have developed. Now I have completed the Challenge, I would recommend to anyone to have a go to as this FREE course will definitely benefit you and the people around you.

  • AuthorAnisa (student)
  • Date12-Oct-20
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