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BSB20115 Certificate II in Business - More info
Step into the business world and learn the fundamental skills to work as a junior administrator.

This accredited qualification prepares students to perform a range of routine administrative tasks in an office environment.

Students develop basic skills in data entry and word processing, information and data handling, use of digital technologies, customer service, communication and other important skills to work effectively in the business services industry.

This certificate is a great starting point for students looking at building their confidence and improving their employability skills. It also provides further study pathways into higher level qualifications.

BSB30415 Certificate III in Business Administration - More info
Give your business administration skills an upgrade.

The Certificate III in Business Administration provides students with the opportunity to refine their existing skills and improve their initiative and autonomy to solve problems.

This accredited qualification covers a range of technical and interpersonal skills required to become a successful business administrator. Students learn how to produce a range of business documents and operate advanced features of common software to support business functions, while improving their ability to communicate, organise and prioritise tasks, manage schedules and handle information and data with accuracy and efficiency.

If you feel like you are ready to start a career in the business services industry and work under limited supervision, this could be the qualification for you.

BSB30315 Certificate III in Micro Business Operations - More info
Thinking of opening your own small business?

Explore the opportunities and challenges of developing and operating a small business, from concept to implementation.

In this accredited qualification, students develop their knowledge in relation to the organisational and legal frameworks and requirements for managing a micro business. Students learn how to investigate business opportunities, write proposals, plan and organise finances and resources, establish networks and design and implement strategies and plans to provide quality services, meet regulatory, taxation and insurance requirements and gain and maintain competitive advantage.

Students should consider this course if they are running a micro business or have a business idea they would like to develop and implement.

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Thebarton Senior College Testimonial

Brittany left school and started a career in hairdressing only to find that was not what she wanted. In 2012, she enrolled in the Certificate II Business course at Thebarton where she gained SACE Stage 1 credits as well as the certificate.

Brittany chose to study at Thebarton because everyone there chooses to be there. This makes it more comfortable to step back into study knowing that there are lots of other students in the same position.

She really enjoyed the Business course, where award winning teacher, Nadene Histed, made the experience as close to a real business as possible.
Brittany, Certificate II Business course