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Thebarton Senior College Centenary 2024

Centenary Celebration

On Sunday 19 May, we celebrated 100 years of learning at this school, that we now know as Thebarton Senior College.

Names of the school over this 100 years includes:

  • Thebarton Junior Technical School
  • Thebarton Technical High School
  • Thebarton Boys Technical School
  • Thebarton Boys High School
  • Thebarton West High School
  • Thebarton High School
  • Thebarton Senior College (current name)
We welcomed over 700 past and current students and staff to the school on the day, as well as families and community members. Thank you to everyone who came along!

The day included:

  • An official ceremony
  • Launch of our centenary book and cutting of centenary cake
  • Souvenirs for sale, including centenary book
  • Memorabilia display and photo displays
  • Photo booth and media wall
  • Guided tours of the college to see the current facilities and learn more about the current programs
  • Outdoor games and rock climbing wall
  • Music and performances by current and former students
  • Learning area activities and displays throughout the college
Thank you to our official guests, the Honourable Blair Boyer, Minister for Education, Training and Skills; the Honourable Tom Koutsantonis MP, Member for West Torrens and Minister for Infrastructure and Transport; Mr Steve Georganas MP, Federal Member for Adelaide; Mr Michael Coxon, Mayor of the City of West Torrens; Mr Rick Benallack, Education Director, Department for Education; and Mr Daryl Jarrett, Chair of Thebarton Senior College Governing Council.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank Uncle Mickey, Tony Jones, Zahra Bayani, Ali Hedayati and Bella Laube for being part of our official ceremony.

We would also like to thank our current staff and students for their work in preparing for this event and welcoming our visitors on the day, as well as the members of our centenary planning committee, who have met for the last 12 months to plan the event, as well as other activities we have planned during our centenary year.

As we celebrate a century of learning at this school, that is now Thebarton Senior College, we do not simply look back with pride. We are propelled forward by the very foundation our past has laid. The opportunities that emerged from the past inform the possibilities we embrace today, and the potential that stretches before us tomorrow.

Thebarton Senior College remains resolute in its commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning environment. Here, every individual is empowered to flourish and reach their potential. We are dedicated to nurturing lifelong learners who are not only equipped with knowledge but also instilled with a sense of responsibility for the global community.

Our college motto, Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero, resonates as powerfully today as it did 100 years ago. We at Thebarton Senior College seize the present, making the most of every opportunity for growth and development. We empower our students to do the same, equipping them with the tools and confidence to become not just successful individuals, but responsible global citizens who will shape a brighter tomorrow.

Together - students, staff, and the wider college community - we embark on the next chapter of the school's story. With a spirit of innovation, we will work together to ensure that the college remains a beacon of excellence for generations to come. As we seize the opportunities that lie ahead, we do so with the knowledge that the past has prepared us well. Thebarton Senior College - a vibrant hub of learning, a catalyst for personal growth, and a testament to the enduring power of education.

Centenary Book Orders
Copies of our Centenary Book are available for $25 each at Reception, or call the college on 08 8159 3100 to order and pay over the phone (postage is $6.50 per book). Orders and sales are only available Tuesday to Friday 9.30 am - 2.30 pm.

To download the full program for the event, please Click Here.