Chairperson's Report

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Mr Daryl Jarrett

Governing Council Chair and Treasurer

Chairperson's Report

As Chair and on behalf of the Governing Council I am pleased to report that 2019 has seen Thebarton Senior College continue to achieve remarkable results. The College's reputation within and beyond Australia continues to attract great interest and acknowledgment as a model for achieving excellence in public education. The college has hosted many international visitors from universities in Korea and Japan. The visitors have come to explore best practice in the teaching of a foreign language.

Our leaders and teachers have maintained the high level of achievement that marks the College's enviable reputation and commitment to a diverse student cohort. In terms of the broad curriculum scope and opportunities, continued innovation, the commitment of the College's capable and dedicated staff and ongoing financial stability and facilities improvements, the College has provided an environment that has seen growth and commendable academic results. The SACE results have continued to improve with many individual students achieving outstanding results and entering tertiary education in their preferred areas of academic pursuit and vocational career pathways.

Initiatives undertaken by staff throughout the year with passion and commitment sees them highly sought after and achieving promotion within and beyond Thebarton. The College has been a strong supporter of Harmony Day, World Environment Day and International Day of Peace. The college's values and commitment to a global community of peace, respect and understanding are promoted in the curriculum and through these events.

A wonderful group of volunteers assists with classroom and after-school homework support, and the breakfast club provides a positive social environment and promotes healthier options for some 170 students every week.

All of our stakeholders are cognizant of retaining what Thebarton Senior College represents and delivers to education and peoples' lives that is truly unique and remarkable.

I thank the members of the Governing Council for their support and Eva and her staff for their outstanding contribution.

Daryl Jarrett