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This program has been developed with input from industry partners to prepare students for engineering with both ATAR and apprenticeship/traineeship pathways. Automation and big data analytics are transforming the manufacturing industry. It is now driven by digitisation, incorporates emerging technologies and spans the energy, space, transport, infrastructure, defence, defence manufacturing and other allied engineering industries.

The Engineering Program prepares students for these emerging Industry 4.0 pathways. Students will receive a badged trade uniform for the practical and out-of-school elements of the program. Students will be led in a high-challenge, high-expectation atmosphere combined with intensive mentoring and high levels of support to progress through the program. This will include mentoring and guidance beyond school for a period of six months to ensure a smooth transition into either apprenticeship or university pathways.

At Stage 1, students will study a subject package built around the Certificate II in Engineering Pathways and Certificate II in Electrotechnology, which provides broad practical skills and knowledge. The majority of learning experiences and assessments will have an authentic engineering or electrotechnology context, with many of these designed with industry partners.

Subject assessment will have a level of rigour that supports mastery learning to meet expected industry standards. Assessment in Stage 2 subjects includes school and external assessment components.

This program prepares students for exciting, rewarding and stable career opportunities for a broad range of engineering and electrotechnology pathways, including electrical, mechanical, civil and advanced manufacturing.

This program also develops the high-level practical and academic skills that will be needed for the skilled trade pathways and apprenticeships of the future.

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