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Further Study Skills Program

Duration: One or two semesters

Stage 1 credits to be determined

Entry Requirements
Course Description

The Further Study Skills Program has been designed to prepare students to undertake further study options and develop basic employability skills and knowledge.

It includes nationally accredited competencies from the 11041NAT Certificate II in Further Study Skills which are aimed at preparing students for the challenges of the study and work environments. Students undertaking this program complete units of competency in semester one and are assessed for readiness to transition into the SACE. Students who would benefit from further studies before starting SACE will continue to complete additional competencies in semester two.

The program is tailored to individual students, according to their specific educational needs.




NAT11041001 Examine routine English texts
NAT11041002 Write routine English texts
NAT11041004 Examine contemporary Australian issues
NAT11041016 Conduct a basic research project
NAT11041009 Apply mathematical calculations in personal, educational or vocational contexts
NAT11041010 Use and apply ratios, rates and proportions in personal, educational or vocational contexts
NAT11041011 Estimate, measure and calculate measurements personal, educational or vocational contexts
FSKLRG010 Use routine strategies for career planning
NAT11041005 Work safely in a science learning environment
NAT11041006 Conduct basic experiments into matter and electricity
NAT11041026 Conduct basic experiments into energy
NAT11041003 Examine Australia's national identity
NAT11041018 Explore Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures and communities
NAT11041023 Use research methods to present historical information
BSBTEC201 Use business software applications


This course is aimed at students interested in undertaking further studies or developing some basic workplace skills and knowledge.

Entry Requirements

There are no pre-requisites for this course specified in the training package; however, students must satisfy the school admission requirements.

This course is available for domestic students. Please confirm visa eligibility requirements before applying.


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