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SACE Stage 1

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Chemistry A and B


SACE Stage 1

10 or 20 credits

Chemistry A and Chemistry B provides practical and theoretical chemical knowledge that can be used to investigate and explain the physical world.

Course Content
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Course Content
Chemistry A*

Materials and their atoms
  • Properties and uses of materials
  • Atomic structure
  • Quantities of atoms
  • Types of materials
  • Bonding between atoms
  • Quantities of molecules and ions
  • Molecule polarity
  • Interactions between molecules
  • Hydrocarbons
  • Polymers
Chemistry B*

Mixtures and solutions
  • Miscibility and solutions
  • Solutions of ionic substances
  • Quantities in reactions
  • Energy in reactions
Acids and bases
  • Acid base concepts
  • Reactions of acids and bases
  • The pH scale
Redox reactions
  • Concepts of oxidation and reduction
  • Metal reactivity
  • Electrochemistry
*The sequence of topics may change to suit student needs


Skills and Applications Tasks 50%
Investigations Folio 50%

Further Info

Numeracy skills required involve rearrangement of algebraic equations, manipulation of ratios, collecting and displaying data, drawing, reading and interpreting graphs. 

Successful completion of Chemistry A and B is required for Stage 2 Chemistry.