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SACE Stage 2 - 60 credits

This program gives students the opportunity to enrol in a package of three Stage 2 subjects where teaching and assessment across the subjects allow students to explore film making, while learning the specific skills relevant to working in a variety of roles in the film industry.

Course Content
The package is made up of three 20-credit Stage 2 subjects:

Stage 2 Essential English (20 credits)
Stage 2 Video Production (20 credits)
Stage 2 Creative Arts - Stage, Screen and Drama (20 credits)

If the Research Project is also completed, students will achieve all Stage 2 components for SACE completion. If an additional 20 credit Stage 2 subject is undertaken in conjunction with the program, an ATAR can be gained.


Assessment in each subject includes school and external assessment components. There are no examinations in this course.