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SACE Stage 1 - 40 credits

This course provides students with the opportunity to achieve all SACE Stage 1 compulsory requirements in literacy, numeracy and PLP (Personal Learning Plan) through engaging with and studying video games. It is taught in an integrated way to connect learning and support essential skill and personal development.

Course Content
Further Info
Students studying Games for SACE A will explore topics such as games in the media, data in context, game statistics, themes and cyberpunk. In Games for SACE B, students will investigate areas including game advocacy, the hero's journey, superheroes and origin stories as well as the world of work within the game industry.

Games for SACE A

Stage 1 Essential English (10 credits)
Stage 1 Essential Mathematics A (10 credits)

Games for SACE B

Stage 1 Essential English (10 credits)
Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan (PLP) (10 credits)


See subject descriptors for each individual subject for information on assessment.


Students have the opportunity to further explore games in Stage 2 Pop Culture Studies. Students who have already completed PLP successfully will complete 10 credits of Stage 1 Community Studies in its place.