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SACE Stage 2 - 70 credits

This course prepares students for the world of work and gives them the opportunity to complete their SACE in a flexible program with a literacy focus. Students will develop skills for the workplace including receiving support in the development of a job application and a greater understanding of employment pathways.

If an additional subject is undertaken in conjunction with the program, an ATAR can be gained for University entrance.

Course Content
Further Info
The course consists of four subjects:

English or English as an Additional Language (Stage 2 Humanities and the Community) - 20 credits
Workplace Operations (Stage 2 Interdisciplinary Learning and the Community) - 20 credits
Workplace Documents (Stage 2 Integrated Learning) - 20 credits
Stage 2 Research Project - 10 credits


Assessment in each subject includes school and external assessment components.

There are no examinations in this course.


Interdisciplinary Learning and the Community and Humanities and the Community are not tertiary-admissable subjects.


Successful completion of this course provides students with SACE completion.