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SACE Subject Packages

SACE Subject Packages are curriculum offerings in which subjects are grouped together. The advantages of studying in this way include:

  • The learning and assessment in each subject supports the learning and assessment in the other subjects in the program
  • Working with the same group of students
  • Working with a small group of teachers who support student learning across all subjects in the program
  • Student learning is developed around their own strengths and interests

At Thebarton Senior College, we have eight SACE Subject Packages (please click on the program name for more information):

Film School
Film School is a package of three Stage 2 subjects which allow students to explore film making, while learning the specific skills relevant to working in a variety of roles within the industry.

Games for SACE Program
The Games for SACE Program provides students with the opportunity to achieve all Stage 1 compulsory requirements through engaging with and studying video games.

Game Design Package
The Game Design Package is a Stage 2 course that is centred around the concepts of Game Design and Development. Students explore and develop the skills to generate Game ideas, develop designs and create prototype solutions using industry standard tools.

SACE for University Program
The SACE for University Program is a Stage 2 program that gives students the opportunity to complete their SACE and gain an ATAR for tertiary entrance.

SACE for Work Program
The SACE for Work Program is a Stage 2 program that prepares students for the world of work and gives them the opportunity to complete their SACE in a flexible program with a literacy focus.

Special Interest Academy
The Special Interest Academy enables students to complete their SACE and/or VET qualifications at the same time as pursuing their own passions, interests and commitments, be they entrepreneurial, dancing, sporting, music or performing arts.

SACE Compulsories
The SACE Compulsories course is individualised to meet both the needs of the individual student and the requirements of the compulsory Stage 1 SACE subjects: English, Mathematics and Personal Learning Plan.