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School-based Apprentice or Trainee (SBAT) Program

This is a SACE Stage 1 and 2 program for school-based apprentices or trainees, which supports both school requirements and employer's needs. The program provides flexible SACE subjects that enables students to complete SACE by attending school one day per week and be employed four days per week in their traineeship or apprenticeship. The course structure is as follows:

SACE Stage 1 students (Friday)
  • Literacy, Numeracy, Workplace Practices (50 SACE Stage 1 credits)
SACE Stage 2 students (Friday)
  • Research Project, Workplace Practices (30 SACE Stage 2 credits)
The balance of credits may be gained through your traineeship/apprenticeship or through extra SACE subjects.

This program is suitable for students with an apprenticeship or traineeship in any industry area. Upon completion of their SACE compulsory subjects, students will be able to move into full-time employment to complete their training. They will be able to use the credits gained in their apprenticeship or traineeship for SACE completion.

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