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Pathway to Policing

Are you interested in a career in policing?

This SACE Stage 2 subject package has been developed in conjunction with SA Police, to provide a pathway to a career in policing. If you are interested in applying for a role as a police officer, police security officer or community constable with SA Police, then this package can help you to prepare for SA Police's eligibility criteria and recruitment process, by developing the skills and qualities needed for this rewarding career.

Please note: completion of this package does not guarantee your acceptance into a career with SA Police. You will need to apply directly to SA Police and meet their eligibility criteria. Please see for specific information regarding SA Police's eligibility criteria and recruitment process.

There are five recommended SACE Stage 2 subjects in this package:

  1. Research Project (compulsory for SACE completion): you could choose to develop your Research Project around your interest in a policing career.
  2. Information Processing and Publishing: develop your information technology and publishing skills to support the skills and knowledge needed in policing administration.
  3. Essential English: develop your literacy skills to support you in meeting the level required for the SA Police Recruitment Test. You will also develop your communication skills to support you to demonstrate the necessary qualities to succeed in a career as a police officer, such as leadership, decisiveness, problem-solving, integrity, courage and respect.
  4. Workplace Practices: develop your knowledge and understanding of industrial relations, legislation, civics, citizenship and laws in South Australia. Participate in 50-60 hours of relevant work placement.
  5. Fitness and Wellbeing (Integrated Learning): develop the physical fitness and strength required for the SA Police Recruitment Fitness and Agility Test, including the Fit for Duty Test, Physical Capacity Assessment and Police Academy Fitness Standards. You will also explore strategies to support your wellbeing to work successfully in a community service setting.
SA Police are key partners in this program, and provide curriculum development support, guest speakers, opportunities for excursions to the Police Academy and police stations, and work experience opportunities for students. We thank SA Police for their support and involvement in this program.

There are many career pathways in policing in South Australia. These include police officer careers, police security officer careers, community constable careers, call centre and other careers. Please see for more information.

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How to apply?
For further information, please email or call 8159 3100.