SACE Stage 2 Earth and Environmental Science
Zoom Meeting with Associate Professor Chaoshui Xu
SACE Stage 2 Earth and Environmental Science
On Tuesday 19 May, the SACE Stage 2 Earth and Environmental Science class had the pleasure of meeting (via Zoom) with Associate Professor Chaoshui Xu, Post Graduate Research Coordinator in the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering at the University of Adelaide.

Chaoshui has been a Mining Engineer for many years; both overseas and in Australia. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the mining industry, how it operates, rehabilitation responsibilities and specific techniques for ore extraction. This was the second time we have met with him (the first was during a field trip earlier this year to the River Torrens, when we were able to stop by the University of Adelaide and visit his laboratories), and was made possible through our STEM connections with the university and CSIRO in Schools.

The students learnt a lot during the Zoom meeting, in particular from the images he showed us to explain the scale of mining operations in Australia (for example, he showed us an image of an inland train that delivers iron ore from central Australia that is 8 km long!). It gave students an insight into how important the mining industry is in Australia for our economy. He was also able to personally answer questions from students regarding their group research tasks about specific mine sites in Australia.

Overall, we are really appreciative of the time Chaoshui has taken to work with us and are looking forward to the potential of visiting one of his research sites at an old Kapunda copper mine, where he is investigating the potential of using the Insitu Leeching process for extracting small amounts of copper from the existing bedrock (a method previously only used for uranium in sites like Beverly, in remote SA). This method presents some amazing possibilities for the future of the Australian mining industry because it offers a much more cost effective, environmentally friendly process for extraction of a commodity. We are really looking forward to seeing how it works.
  • AuthorStefania Pulford
  • Date25-May-20
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