North Terrace Geological Walk
SACE Stage 1 Essential Science
North Terrace Geological Walk
Students in SACE Stage 1 Essential Science recently participated in an excursion to the city, discussing our current topic: Formation of the Earth. We were investigating the properties of rocks and individual features that make them desirable as materials in construction, as well as to give us an idea of the environment by which they were formed.

First, we undertook the North Terrace Geological Walk, which took us from Parliament House to Bonython Hall. Students were amazed by the features you can see in the building materials, such as ripple marks, air bubbles and fossils that are still visible in the rock today. They also learnt how these features can tell us a huge amount of information about the depositional environment by which they were formed.

We also visited the Ediacaran display, Mawson exhibit and Rock display in the SA Museum, followed by a tour of the Tate Museum at the University of Adelaide, where students were able to hold a piece of Mars. The theme for the day was Uniformitarianism - the idea that what we see as a result of processes occurring in the present, unlocks the key to what must have occurred in the past - and it followed in the footsteps of great South Australian Scientists of their time - Mawson and Tate.

Overall, the students were really fascinated by the information you can obtain from rocks and now have a new appreciation for the detective work scientists in the past have had to do in order to understand the formation of the earth.
  • AuthorStefania Pulford
  • Date21-Mar-19
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