Solar Buddy
Building solar lights for young people living in energy poverty
Solar Buddy
Over the last few weeks, students in the New Arrivals Program (NAP) Science and Further Study Skills (FSS) programs have been learning about renewable and non-renewable energy, energy poverty and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. On the 25th of May, students from three NAP Science classes and one FSS class attended a special "Solar Buddy" session run by Origin Energy. The goal of the session was to educate students about energy poverty and to allow them to build handheld solar lights that will be sent to young people living in energy poverty in Papua New Guinea, along with a note written by the students.

Students listened to a short presentation (by eight volunteers working for Origin Energy) about energy and watched a short but powerful video about the people in Papua New Guinea who are living in energy poverty. Students answered questions, interacted with the presenters and gained valuable insights into the lives of those living without energy.

In the second part of the session, each student built hand-held solar powered lights. This process helped students improve their literacy, problem solving and time management. Along with the solar lights, students also wrote a short letter to the young person that would be receiving their light. The students were excited to be building lights for people living in energy poverty and felt very inspired and proud to be global citizens. Students from Class 323 also presented the solar lights and discussed energy poverty during our World Environment Day event on the 2nd of June.

Overall, it was an amazing experience, and we thank all of the students, staff and industry members involved.
  • AuthorMatt Stevens
  • Date07-Jun-21
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