Tonsley Innovation District Field Trip
Stage 1 Essential Science
Tonsley Innovation District Field Trip
On Friday 30 August, Matt R and Stef took their SACE Stage 1 Essential Science class to the Tonsley Innovation District, in order to introduce their next unit: Engineering for Humanity. As part of this tour, students had the opportunity to see first-hand the businesses involved at the site and some of the amazing products that have been engineered as a result.

At the site, there are four main business types:

1. Health and Medical
2. Clean Renewable Energy
3. Mining and Energy
4. Automation, Software and Simulation

All of these businesses have the opportunity to interact in a highly-focused work partnership with government, education and research (through Flinders University and TAFE SA being onsite) and industry. The design of the space encourages organic collaboration between different fields because of the open nature of the buildings and the structured shared facilities. All of the businesses are set in a very tranquil, nature-filled space with gardens, despite being underneath and surrounded by the old industrial shell of the Mitsubishi manufacturing plant.

Not only did the tour explain all of the design decisions for the site, but it also gave us the opportunity to visit one of the business on site (Micro-X) and see the main product they have developed. Micro-X is a South Australian based company that is a world leader in developing micro x-ray devices that has huge ramifications for the medical industry and the way hospitals are currently run. Being able to come into their facility, speak to members of their business and then look at the product was an excellent opportunity for students to see how engineering can impact the world.
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  • Date04-Sep-19
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