HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) Week
A Week Filled with Faculty Fun!
HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) Week
During week 6 of term 3 the Humanities faculty hosted HASS week, a week of fun and practical activities centred around the ideas and concepts offered by Humanities subjects.

Students were encouraged to participate in a translation activity based on the historical Rosetta Stone and correct entries went into a draw to win one of three possible prizes. The competition was a raging success with more than 40 entries received over the course of five days.

On Tuesday, students from the Student Voice team helped to host a Listening Party where songs from a range of countries and languages were played in the courtyard for a celebration of the cultural diversity inherent in our college.

Cultures and countries of origin were also the topic of our Collaborative Collage in which students were encouraged to submit a drawing that reminds them of Australia, their culture or their country of origin.

On Thursday, students got a taste of the kind of skill-building exercises that Fortune 500 companies use to teach business skills on Team Building days: the Spaghetti Challenge. In this challenge students were given four minutes to construct a tower out of spaghetti that could hold the weight of a marshmallow. The tallest tower that could do so is deemed the winner in each round. The task is designed to show-case problem solving, innovative thinking, resource management and other skills vital in the business world.

Lastly, there was a screening of the popular film The Sapphires which tells the story of four Aboriginal women from Cummeragunja in Victoria who travel to Vietnam during the war to sing to the soldiers. The film stars Jessica Mauboy and Debora Mailman and is based on a true story.
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