Health and Personal Development Expo
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Health and Personal Development Expo
On the first day of spring for 2022, staff and students from TSCs Health and Personal Development faculty subjects hosted a HPD Expo in the gymnasium. Students from the college participated in a range of activities and information sessions on subjects, including Health and Wellbeing, Food and Hospitality, Child Studies, Outdoor Education, Physical Education, Fitness for Women, Catering Concepts, Fashion Design, Fashion Accessories and Ice Factor.

While enjoying free apples, students engaged in conversations, badminton and quoits challenges, wellbeing activities and interactive subject displays to develop their understanding of study pathways at TSC. To find out more about subjects in the HPD faculty, visit the Health and Physical Education and Home Economics pages on the TSC Virtual Open Day website:
  • AuthorMax McColl
  • Date09-Sep-22
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