I moved to Thebarton Senior College at the start of 2020 for the start of Year 11. I had previously been at an all-girls catholic school. I originally came to Thebarton for the wide range of subjects which suited me the best, as I am a very hands-on and visual learner. Subjects like Hospitality and Child Studies really drew me in to come here as these subjects were not offered at my previous school.

Thebarton instantly had such a warm and positive welcoming atmosphere. To be honest, I never really liked or tried hard in school. But coming to Thebarton has changed my perspective about education a lot. My attendance and grades just started getting better and better. I really surprised myself and my parents as well. I truly believe being in an environment you feel welcomed and accepted in really changes your views on school and makes you successful in your dreams.

The first thing I noticed about Thebarton is the individuality of each student. Everyone is different: different ages, different nationalities, different beliefs. I have met some amazing people while being here. Every single person I have met inside this college is friendly and happy. Just coming to school puts you in a good mood because of how positive this environment is.

I believe that coming to Thebarton has prepared me for the world outside of high school. Being able to come to school in clothes you feel comfortable in, and having your hair coloured however you want to, being able to have jewellery or wearing really bright colours are all things I think are extremely important for young adults to be able to find their own identity.

All my teachers at Thebarton have all been amazing. The difference between normal schools and Thebarton is that teachers really are on the same level as you. Teachers talk to you like you are an adult, and treat you like an adult. For me this is something I benefited from massively, being in a senior secondary environment really did change how I view school and I now feel more independent and more organised.

The subject range here at Thebarton is incredible. The different types of art, sciences, home economic subjects are endless. You are picking subjects that suit exactly you, and surprisingly, I have enjoyed completing mostly all of the assignments this year because you are enrolled in classes you are passionate about, and you want to learn more and more about.

The timetables offered at Thebarton are realistic and really beneficial. I remember at my old school we would have 40-minute lessons, seven times a day. I remember the amount of information you had to carry from one whole day of school. Thebarton classes are much longer - more time to ask questions, ask for help, get so much work done, and you'd be surprised how quickly they go past. I couldn't imagine having to do 40-minute lessons anymore.

After being at Thebarton for nearly two years now, I have realised that a perfect school experience can look different for everyone, and I am lucky to say that I finally found the perfect school for me. Being at Thebarton has made me a realise my own capabilities and strengths, encouraged me to try my best and follow my dreams. I am proud to say I am a Thebarton Senior College student.
  • AuthorTilly
  • Date14-Sep-21
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