Necessity is the Mother of Invention!
Necessity is the Mother of Invention!
The old saying that we have used for the title of this article has been proven true yet again in the development of the Pythagorean Club Moodle in Term 2. The club came to a brief standstill by the end of Term 1, as the need for social distancing in response to the COVID-19 crisis prevented us from running any face-to-face, hands-on puzzle and problem-solving activities.

However, our passion for problem-solving never ceased, so putting the club motto "Success = Persistence + Perspective + Problem Solving" into practice, we decided to follow the remote learning trend by offering online club activities through our new club Moodle and lunchtime Zoom sessions in our usual lunch time slot on Wednesdays.

We were delighted to have students and staff participating in the club remotely, including Eva Kannis-Torry, our Principal, as one of the Zoom participants at our second Zoom club session this term, by which time we were also getting some students returning in person.

Thinking outside the square to find a way to continue club activities has also enabled our continued collaboration as colleagues across the STEM/non-STEM learning areas. As part of the broader perspective of problem solving that we would like students to take, we incorporated some Japanese language "code breaking" activities in Term 1, and have now added some of these activities as well as online jigsaw puzzles and Einstein puzzles to our Moodle, along with the usual mathematical, spatial, visual and linguistic puzzles our club members have always enjoyed.

Our other colleagues in NAP have generously supported Pythagorean Club's online expansion by allowing us to enrol their classes in the Moodle. More than one hundred students and staff have already utilised this opportunity by trying some of the club's Moodle resources as warm-up activities in their classes and have given positive feedback on the benefits of these activities for activating brains and improving concentration. We offer our wholehearted thanks to them and our wonderful club members for their passion and persistence with problem-solving! If any staff or students are interested in enrolling into the Pythagorean Club Moodle, just visit the 'Clubs@TSC' menu on the landing page of the Moodle and follow the links to join us for a fun ride!

Success = Persistence + Perspective + Problem Solving = Pythagorean!
  • AuthorLisa Ebisawa and Minxy Kannampuzha
  • Date01-Jun-20
  • CategoriesTerm2