STEM Sessions
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
STEM Sessions
During term 2, the TSC STEM Committee has presented a STEM activity or speaker each Thursday at lunch time in the library. Students have fun while learning and using their problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

So far this term, we have constructed a giant electric piano using foil, wires and a simple computer program. Students found that when they touch the foil piano keys with their hands or feet while holding on to the other end of the wire, their bodies complete the circuit to make music! We have also learned how to use block-coding programs with Sphero and held our own mini-Olympics with Sphero and Ozobots, including skiing, ice-skating, wrestling and more.

Students have also constructed catapults using craft materials, and we filmed lolly-projectiles as they flew through the air, then entered the data into a program that can calculate the trajectory and speed. Students learned quickly that the angle and length of the arm play an important role in the speed and distance travelled.
  • AuthorAllie Campbell
  • Date12-Jun-18
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