Harmony Week
Everyone Belongs
Harmony Week
In acknowledgement that 'everyone belongs', our special events to recognise this important week began on Tuesday March 19 at recess time, with Peace Studies student presentations. At lunchtime on this day, the Pride Club also ran a stall that promoted diversity and harmony. Badges, stickers and bubbles were shared with students, while fun hoop and ball activities were played on the lawn.

We held a special ceremony on Harmony Day (Thursday 21 March) at lunchtime in the gym, which began with an interactive hand-painted mural at the entrance of the gym. Students and staff printed their hand on the banner in recognition of the inclusion and belonging we value at the college. As students walked into the gym there was an exquisite student-made world map where people could pin their country of origin on, a great visual representation of our school's multiculturalism, as well as a sphero-artwork station outside.

Students were able to collect Harmony Day promotional materials on their way into the gym, including stickers, ribbons, balloons, bookmarks and student-made bracelets, all in vibrant orange of course!

The ceremony showcased how integral harmony is at the college with lively music from the school band, moving Twitter Competition pieces and inspirational poems read by the Poetry Club. The ceremony ended with a stirring musical performance by Oscar Asbanu, a talented musician from West Timor who utilises drums and other percussion from all over the world, including Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

It was wonderful to see so many staff and students wear orange or their traditional clothing on the day, and join together to celebrate the cultural diversity that we share here at Thebarton Senior College.

Kate Rush (Head of Disability and Mental Health, Anglicare) was also welcomed to our school discuss positive relationships on Friday during Harmony Week. Kate is an awarded speaker, strategic thinker and active citizen. Kate's insight and humour really brightened the day, and gave us all plenty to think about.

The positive responses shared by staff and students following the session were a reflection of how much of an impact Kate had on that day.
  • AuthorAbi DeVries and Sandor Unger
  • Date28-Mar-19
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