International Day of Peace
Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world
International Day of Peace
On Tuesday 21 September, students and staff came together to celebrate International Day of Peace. The theme for this year is 'Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world'. This important event provided a powerful and inspiring opportunity for our staff and students to engage in diverse activities related to peace, unity and making a positive difference in their world.

Our celebrations began at recess time with our SACE Stage 2 Peace Studies students displaying their 'Flowers for Peace' doves. Peace Studies and New Arrivals Program students worked together to create large colourful Peace Doves that were displayed on the wall of our administration building. The doves carried peace messages to all countries around the world.

Also at recess time, Peace Studies students had fun running their 'Humanity Testing Scan' and offering all participants free Peace Cupcakes that were prepared by our Food and Hospitality students.

To raise awareness about the importance of peace, our students Ammar and Boshra worked together to create an outstanding informational video. The video acted as a wonderful learning device to lead into classroom discussions around the meaning of peace, its significance to our context at Thebarton, as well as the individual contributions that we can make to peace in our daily lives.

Our New Arrivals Program students worked together to create and display a sea of paper windmills and large colourful hearts that served as a space for us and our students to reflect our thoughts about peace, love, tolerance, and harmony between people using colours, images, and poetry. We hope that the spinning of the windmills in the wind will spread thoughts and feelings about peace throughout our country and the world. The windmills were displayed outside our college to share our peace messages with the wider community.

At the entrance of our gym, our students Motahareh and Mehri worked together to draw a large chalk mural which served as a beautiful visualisation of peace.

Also at recess time, our Pride Club members promoted diversity and peace by unveiling their Diversity Tree outside of the Learning Hub, and students and staff were invited to write a message of love and peace.

At 12.00 pm, we held a special ceremony for all students and staff. This started with students from the Drumming Club performing, followed by an Acknowledgement of Country. Our special guest, and skilful Santoor player, Maryam Rahmani took our staff and students on a unique and sublime musical journey with her Santoor. Maryam also accompanied our students Fariba and Sukina in their reading of their peace poem which conveyed their feelings and thoughts of what peace is to them.

Finally, our college band and student choir came together to perform a fantastic rendition of The Beatles 'All You Need is Love'. It was fantastic to see our students and college band sing together.

At lunch time and across the week, our Library team offered many opportunities for our students and staff to be involved in. For example, students were invited to contribute to the Collaborative Poetry where each student added a line to create a college poem about Peace. Students also had a chance to take part in the Compassionate Actions to create opportunities to spread peace across the week. The Peace Pledges is another activity that offered our students and staff the chance to sign a pledge to promote peace.

Finally, it was fantastic to see our students working together to create Peace Cranes. Cranes are a symbol of peace and our students and staff rose to the challenge of having 1000 Peace Cranes folded across the week.

As a UN Global Peace School, International Day of Peace has always been an excellent opportunity for us to promote peace and conflict resolution in our world. Thank you to all our staff and students who participated in the celebration of this important event.
  • AuthorHamdi Fdhila
  • Date23-Sep-21
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